Hiking the Alps : Two of the Best Alpine Trekking Tours

It might be snowing outside but we’re already planning our summer of adventure. Chamonix is one of the world’s best destinations for hiking, climbing and exploring the mountains – but it’s also one of the most popular, which makes planning ahead essential.

Hiking the Haute Route in the Alps past alpine lakes and snow capped mountains

Two of the world’s most famous hiking trails, the Tour du Mont Blanc and the Haute Route, set off from Chamonix and traverse stunning alpine trails across glaciers, through forests, and past alpine lakes. Alpine wildlife such as marmottes, bouquetin and chamois graze in the meadows while choucas, peregrine falcons and even golden eagles soar overhead. Part of the adventure is sleeping over in remote mountain refuges under incredible night skies where there is no light pollution to dim the millions of bright stars overhead.

Staying in a mountain refuge whilst hiking the Haute Route

The Haute Route is an iconic Alpine trek that goes from Chamonix to Zermatt, a distance of around 180km, first established in the mid nineteenth century by the English Alpine Club. There are two variations; the longer route takes around 12 days and features more challenging terrain, whereas the shorter route takes around 6 days and stays lower down on the trails. Both offer stunning scenery of snowcapped peaks and flower filled meadows that will leave you with incredible memories of a great trip.

Crossing glaciers and trekking on snow whilst hiking the Haute Route

The Tour du Mont Blanc is a spectacular multiday trek that winds its way around the foot of Mont Blanc going through France, Italy and Switzerland along the way. You’ll pass through rugged national parks, climb remote mountain passes, cool your toes in clear mountain lakes and taste delicious local dishes from three different countries along the way! Not an easy challenge, with around 6 to 8 hours of hiking per day, but a once-in-a-lifetime experience that is more than worth the effort.

Beautiful wild flowers in an alpine meadow, hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc

With the snow falling outside the window, it might seem too early to start dreaming of alpine summer adventures, but now is the time to book if you want that dream to come true! Contact us now for more information and availability.

Hiking in the Alps on the Tour du Mont Blanc trek

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